Overseas Shopping Holiday Survey: Some people set up factories in overseas production of high imitation goods

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Survey motivation

The rapid development of the Internet has shortened the distance between consumers and goods and people can buy goods from all over the world from anywhere. Coupled with the continu

Survey motivation

The rapid development of the Internet has shortened the distance between consumers and goods and people can buy goods from all over the world from anywhere. Coupled with the continuous improvement of people's living standards and consumption levels, increased purchasing power, the purchasing industry with low prices, excellent quality and variety as the core competitiveness is becoming more and more popular.

However, overseas purchasing must be carried out within the scope of the relevant laws and regulations of our country, otherwise it is illegal. From the relevant provisions of the point of view, the two types of purchasing behavior is legal: one is I purchased from abroad no more than a certain value and quantity of items for their own use or gift friends and relatives; the other is a special purchasing business to purchase, but these Business items must be taxed according to the law. Otherwise, consumers, whether they are purchasing agents or purchasing purchasing goods, may be suspected of smuggling crimes.

From the actual situation, some of the current business specializing in the purchasing business tax paid by law, and some are still playing the ball. However, the "Legal Daily" reporter found that some overseas purchasing businesses not only exist the legal issue, but also the emergence of a new issue of sale.

"Recent product discounts, you baby seize the time to book it!" This is Yao Yao recently published in the WeChat circle of friends.

Starting from last August, Yao Yao, a student at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, started overseas purchasing.

"The very beginning of the purpose is very simple, just want to earn more pocket money .To see many of my friends are doing, I also want to try." Yao Yao told the "Legal Daily" reporter, "met Christmas or 'Black Friday ', The discount of goods is particularly large, I will help people purchase, and then take the cheapest logistics shipped back to China.

Yao Yao told reporters that the overseas purchasing business was very popular. Some purchasers try their best to help people purchase within the scope of the domestic laws, but now new problems have emerged. Some overseas purchasing agents may be fakes.

"Cooperation" model for sale fake suspects

"When someone first came to school, someone found us talking about co-op purchasing." Yang Jia, who studies in Korea, told reporters that according to these people, they have cooperated with some Korean manufacturers, both in terms of price and transportation costs Make the best. Some foreign students doing overseas purchasing school work load heavier, they do shopping are generally to the mall to purchase, both time-consuming and particularly tired, the key is to earn less. Therefore, when someone proposed cooperation purchasing, some students agreed to establish a cooperative relationship, by the foreign students responsible for communicating with customers, these people responsible for the procurement, delivery.

"However, this cooperation model has a big problem, that is, do not know what those partners purchase is not true, because we simply do not see the goods, are partners direct delivery." Yang Jia said.

According to Yang Jia introduction, some people have seen tremendous benefits purchasing agency industry, even in the local plant to produce specialized "high imitation goods."

Li Zhe, who just returned from Japan, has the same idea.

"When traveling in Japan, one day we chartered to Shibuya. The driver said he has a lot of cosmetics, are from the regular manufacturers, I hope we can wechat, in the future if necessary, you can contact him directly." Li Zhe said, "WeChat friends circle point driver, which does have the manufacturer's video, but can not determine the production workshop in Japan, the most crucial is that the workshop workers are all Chinese. The so-called formal manufacturers, it should be their own open Plant. "

Shopping logistics information true and false

Reporters learned that at present there are three main overseas shopping malls to send goods back to China: purchasing agents made express, trustee brought back by the brand side to send. Purchaser hair delivery is the most commonly used method, but may be seized. In addition, the purchasing agent will establish a WeChat communication group, and regularly release information on returning overseas personnel. Delegates will be allowed to return their goods directly to their home country. If the brand side has a more familiar business relationship, the brand side will be packaged directly sent back to the country, and help customs clearance.

A net friend called "senior purchasing teacher" told reporters that today's purchasing can not only fake goods, but also in the logistics information on fraud. Some even fictitious delivery address, will be sent by the domestic items sent abroad. "According to these single number found shipping address may be the United States, Japan, South Korea, but in fact are in the country." "Senior purchasing teacher," told reporters.

According to friends, "Little Afi" introduced a few days ago she from a monopoly of Korean goods, "purchasing" where purchased an eyebrow pencil. However, she found in the inquiry express information, shipping address turned out to be Shenyang. "According to its introduction should be Korea Straight hair, I checked to know the shipping address is Shenyang, I will not buy this eyebrow pencil." "Little Afar" said.

After buying fakes rights protection is not easy

From legitimate channels to purchase purchasing goods encountered fake, how consumers rights? Reporters learned that the vast majority of buyers can only consider themselves unlucky, because the evidence needed to safeguard the rights is difficult to obtain.

Meng Lan, who often buys overseas products, told reporters that she has only three ways to tell when the authenticity of the purchasing products is purchased: the experience of using, the buying experience, and the so-called inspection strategy online.

"But these simply can not be a strong evidence. Take cosmetics, many products have no official test methods, physical store counters are generally not willing to test the customer purchased from other sources of cosmetics. If you go to a specialized inspection agency, Cost is too high.So, buy fake there is no way. "Meng Lan told reporters," As a consumer, can do is eat a long wisdom, after that it is no longer buy it. "

The face of purchasing fakes, consumers really helpless?

In an e-commerce platform, the reporter chose a face wash as a survey. This face wash in the official flagship store price of 1280 yuan, and the purchasing business from 400 yuan to 900 yuan price range. Reporter randomly into a shopping store, including this face wash instrument offer 620 yuan. The shopkeeper of this shop told reporters that in the platform trade will be charged intermediary fees, orders can be micro-channel transactions, you can also set minus 60 yuan. Taking into account other ways can not retain the rights document, the reporter insisted on the platform trading.

After the purchase, the reporter found that buying is a fake - the shop owner said the place of delivery is Hong Kong, but the logistics information shows that the delivery is Putian, Fujian Province; reporters open the official website, enter the body serial number registration, the page shows the sequence Number has been registered; the reporter once again enter another number on the product packaging, the web page still shows no such serial number; reporter dial this official website customer service face wash products, was told to be fake.

Subsequently, the reporter tried to communicate with the owner, but has not been responded. According to e-commerce platform requirements, the buyer to apply for a refund, the seller must agree or reject within 5 days, do not reply as consent. As a result, on the fifth day, the shopkeeper refused to apply for a refund.

In the end, the reporter had to apply for e-commerce platform to intervene. According to the evidence provided by reporters, e-commerce platform that the shop owner returns a refund.

Although rights protection was successful, it took 20 days for the seller to refuse communication, refused refunds, and the deadlines and processing time of the buyers and sellers.

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