Company Profile

● Company Overview

In 2015, the leaders of Nanjing's "Leading Technology Pioneering Talents Introduction Program" went to Guangzhou and introduced scientific research projects of 863 young scientists in R & D team of Science and Technology Ministry to set up Nanjing Fengming Chaoyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to engage in stem cell-regenerative medicine Research achievements landing transformation.

Fengming Chaoyang Biotechnology is located in the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, the state-level new district - Nanjing High-tech Zone, the registered capital of 5 million yuan, is based on cutting-edge research and development-based stem cell - regenerative medicine high-tech companies committed to stem cells - regenerative repair products, Factor products, acellular matrix products and supporting technology, device research and development and promotion.

Team technology strength, R & D personnel are Jinan University, Zhongshan University, the United States Illinois State University and the University of Chicago and other brand-name institutions in the background. Development of a new generation of regenerative repair patches that support the biological activity of stem cells as a carrier for stem cells that promote directional differentiation of stem cells into the body and promote the secretion of regulatory elements, tissue repair-competent stem cell factor as an alternative to stem cell therapy , Can promote the traumatic repair of tissues and organs), and high-end acellular matrix products, including a new generation of acellular xenogenic corneal stroma, acellular xenogenic dermal matrix (to compensate for lack of donor organs and organs, expand the field of tissue and organ transplantation repair ), Etc., to make up for lack of treatment of stem cells, significantly improve the clinical treatment of stem cells, expand the field of stem cell applications. Related technologies have been funded by a number of national 863 Young Scientists Fund projects, and on the basis of selected Nanjing "321" project, a total investment of more than 700 million research funding.



● Achievements

Fengming Chaoyang Biotech has taken full advantage of its advantages in technology and achievement transformation. With its solid technical background in stem cell application and regenerative repair, Fengming Chaoyang Biotech extracts a variety of nutritional factors (stem cell niche, Stem Cell Exosomes and Stem Cell Active Proteins), a special active ingredient for beauty and skincare products, is the first to dedicate itself to the scientific research of stem cell-regenerative medicine in this frontier field and to create China's exclusive high-end beauty and skin care products with high technology, The United States to achieve "permanent youth" of the beautiful desire to freeze age.

Fengming Chaoyang Biotechnology using rigorous scientific research attitude to excellence in scientific research for the distinguished guests to provide the international forefront of professional skin anti-aging services. A number of patented technologies for stem cell culture, extraction and purification have been used for the first time in the cosmetic field to lead the overall upgrade of the domestic medical and cosmetic industry. At present, we have conducted in-depth cooperation with a number of cosmetic companies to provide raw materials for the sale of stem cell factor.